Me, as of 6 April 2005

Basic stats

Starting with the basics, my name is Jeremy Thurgood, although I'm often known as "jerith" or "firxen" online. I am a 24 year old (at the time of writing, early 2005) male living in South Africa.

I am currently studying toward my MScEng in electronic engineering at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.


I am something of a technophile, and usually enjoy tinkering with electronics and building gadgets. I am a radio amateur, with the callsign ZR5JRT (although I'll be upgrading to a ZS Real Soon Now).

I enjoy both listening to and playing music (I'm a trombonist) and have a fairly wide-ranging taste. Just don't ask me to listen to the pop rubbish all over the radio these days.

I occasionally write some fiction, which I may put up here if and when any of it is finished and in a readable state.

Other stuff

I have a LiveJournal at which I update irregularly.

Anything else you want to know? Get hold of me and I may put it up here.