Since I have a couple of friends on the web (surprising as that may seem to some of you) I thought I'd put up some links to them here.

Voyager has a gone through a couple of incarnations of his site. The latest is drupal-based and rather quiet, although he does link to his blog from there.
Rooijan's site is also a drupal and also quite quiet. Perhaps you should bug him to put some content up...
Charlie is currently very enthusiastic about photography, and this site explores only that facet of his personality. Fortunately he's also fairly good at it. And -- well, models. Boobies. Need I say more?
Sean Preston
Sean is the guy in charge of our local Linux User Group. It turns out he has recently started a blog, so here it is.
Edd's currently the youngest member of our LUG and also a ham.
Karnaugh is another engineering student and python hacker. He was also one of my few Computer Methods students who groks the whole programming thing, but thankfully we're both past that now.
Mithrandi is another programmer type and lurks on an IRC channel I frequent.
Ralph is yet another programmer and Open Source guy. Notice a pattern?

If you think you should have a link here, drop me an email and if I agree, I'll add it.