I have long dabbled in the world of Interactive Fiction (mostly playing, but occasionally writing). I have also been hearing about Inform 7 for a while and it looked like an interesting approach. I just needed an excuse to learn it and an idea for a game. Both of these were provided by McMartin on IRC pointing me at the following announcement for a SpeedIF competition:

Per this conversation:
     dfan | Perform a Skit - Write and perform a skit about why copyright protection is important.
     dfan says, "Man, we should totally do a SpeedIF"
Feel free to consult
     http://mpaa.org/press_releases/boy0scouts0press0release.pdf and
     for more inspiration. You have until Monday, 10/23, to
     finish. Sign here with completed games.

It looked like fun, so I wrote Pirates of the Caribou. The source and the compiled game are both available. It's short, but I rather like it.